Discord hack

Save your account from Discord hack

In today’s world, account hacking is a pretty simple thing; there are many ways to steal someone else’s page. People get hacked every day, and not everyone knows what to do to avoid it. In this article, we’ll give you some instructions on what to do to keep your Discord account from getting hacked, as well as some of the methods hackers use to make us fall into their trap.


Discord has a built-in special spam filter that serves to keep its customers safe and the site stable.

Spam is considered a violation of service rules. Technical support can enforce the appropriate action on any account, bot, or server which engages in this prohibited practice.

What is defined as spam? It’s junk notifications and adds mass server invitations and multiple messages with the same text sent in a brief period of time to your DMs.

Attaching to a great variety of servers can also be treated as spam. These restrictions have been put in place to fight bots. If an account has been seen to be extremely active in joining a big amount of servers it will be blocked. Don’t worry, normal discord accounts will not face given restrictions.

Bots and Selfbots

“n case you notice a message from a bot, suggesting to add you to the server or tap on a doubtful link, notify it to the special Discord Security Service so that it can handle the investigation. Discord does not produce bots offering free items. It is a fraud. If you get a private email from a bot suggesting anything to you, or just sending you a link to go through, be sure to inform about it. Don’t keep bringing them to your server in the hope of getting something in return, it will likely only lead to the destruction of your entire server. If something is deleted from the system, the providers will never be able to reactivate the server or its content.

Using a selfbot in any other program, or any kind of automation of your account could lead to your account being suspended or deactivated. The site’s automated system may detect the bot and mark it correspondingly as a means of spreading spam or as an example of other suspicious activity.

Hacking action guide

Drop your password. Pick a long mixed password composed of large and small letters, in addition, you may try to use special incomprehensible symbols, which have not been previously used anywhere. If your account token has been compromised, be sure to drop your password to relaunch it.

Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA), this feature improves the security of your account by adding verification for the account owner.

A DoS attack is aimed at putting a strain on your IP address by making meaningless demands that cause your modem or router to no longer be able to successfully access the web. In case you suspect that your IP address is the target of a DoS attack, you can reboot your router to its factory settings and disconnect your modem from the network for a few minutes, then reconnect it. This may help with the IP address change.