Avast using too much CPU problem

Solving Avast using too much CPU problem

Cybersecurity applications can require great performance resources from a device because they run multiple scanning processes in the background and perform difficult tasks. In addition, some of the developers do not optimize their product for the less advanced systems.

If you are one of the users that is disturbed by the performance issues while using Avast antivirus, you may find this article a great source of information on how to solve the “Avast using too much CPU” problem.

The main reason for the problem to occur

High-demanding requirements of Avast antivirus can be the reason why some users do not choose to install it on their computers.

The roots of the high CPU usage:

* Multiple background processes that scan the device in real time and consume performance resources;

* Incompatible hardware or wrongly set settings of the operating system.

The most convenient ways to solve the problem

Every user can get more out of Avast using experience by following the steps bellow.

Getting rid of the Cleanup tool processes from Avast:

* Launch the application and locate the “components” tab;

* Select an option that uninstalls the extension from the system.

Do not forget to reboot your computer afterwards to apply all the changes.

Even though, this service can improve the overall security of the device, it consumes a lot of resources due to the real-time scanning processes.

Updating the application to the latest version:

* Launch the application and select an “update” option;

* Reboot the PC to finish the process.

Some of the outdated versions of this cybersecurity application are incompatible with most new versions of operating systems. Updating the applications might be the best way to solve any problems.

Changing the frequency of scans via the command tab:

If the application slows down the performance of the system greatly, you may want to change the frequency of the scanning processes.

Short guide on using the Command bar:

* Press the “Win + X” key combination and locate the processes of Avast application;

* Change the value of the “scan frequency” to the lowest possible;

* Reboot the device after completing previous tasks.

Using the Control Panel to make the system run better:

* Launch Control Panel by pressing the “Win + R” combination of keys;

* Open up a tool for removing the applications from a computer;

* Select an Avast application and a “repair” function;

* Reboot the computer and check Avast CPU usage.


Cybersecurity applications have become essential for modern computer users. However, some of them, like Avast, tend to consume excessive performance resources of the system. Any user can fix the problem by disabling some of the background processes or updating the application to the latest version following the guide provided in the article.