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How to Prepare for a Board Meeting within a Board Portal?

The board portal is recommended to establish a procedure (and provide for an appropriate budget), according to which the members of the board of directors have the opportunity to seek professional advice at the expense of the company.

The Main Principle of Organizing Board Meeting within a Board Portal

The principle of using a board portal for board meetings requires board members to act in a fully informed manner. In accordance with good practice, this means that the board must be satisfied that key corporate reporting and compliance systems are inherently effective and that it also emphasizes the board’s key oversight role in accordance with these principles.

The main tasks of the board meetings are:

  • defining the development strategy of the company aimed at increasing its capitalization and investment attractiveness;
  • defining the principles of asset management;
  • the company, ensuring an effective control system in the company over the results of its financial and economic activities.

If your company is medium to large in size, and also heavily dependent on IT infrastructure, then we would recommend that you look at the classic boardroom providers. An undoubted advantage of such providers is their proximity to “ground” infrastructures from an architectural point of view (when moving to the board, changes in the architecture of services will be minimal). It all depends on the size of your business and the goals that you set for yourself. Of the company, preliminary approval of the annual report, consideration of other issues related to preparation for the annual general meeting of shareholders of the company.

Core Steps for Effective Board Meeting Preparation

Let’s define the core steps for effective board meeting preparation:

  1. Let Your Board Portal Manage Routine Matters.
  2. Create a Set of KPIs for How to Manage the Business.
  3. Determine Your Most Strategic Issues.
  4. Pitching a Strategy to Your Board.
  5. Creating a Board Agenda.
  6. Release Financial Reports at Least 72 Hours in Advance.

According to the current rules, the board meeting with is held in several stages:

  • A decision is made to hold the meeting with the appointment of the date, time, and place where the meeting will take place.
  • A list of participants is drawn up.
  • Notifications are sent by attendees that a meeting will be held.
  • A meeting of participants is held, during which a protocol is drawn up.
  • The results of the meeting are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

People often work with customers in the early stages of connectivity to make the transition to the board portal as easy as possible. So, although the presence of such specialists is certainly a plus, you should understand that they are with you only at the initial stage of your journey.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the choice of the best board portal is made from a large number of factors. The efficiency of your resource and the effort spent will depend on how carefully you approach the choice. Regardless of the size of the site, it is important to choose a reliable board portal that is interested in working with you. For example, with an increase in the client flow to the company, it should be possible to quickly change the tariff plan to increase the allocated resources.