Netflix error code

Netflix error code m7361-1253

Sometimes, after a hard day’s work, you just feel like rolling up on the couch, relaxing, and turning on some film or TV show on Netflix. This site has become very popular in recent years and is available through your computer, smartphone, TV MAC, and many others. But if you’re in the mood for a nice quiet evening and find a m7361-1253 error code on your display, all the mood is lost. To quote Netflix itself, If you see this code during your viewing experience, it’s generally related to a network communication malfunction which keeps your PC from joining Netflix.

In this page, we will detail the reasons and correct the error.

Solution 1: Reload the OS or software

Sometimes it happens when a customer disconnects earbuds and attach them too fast, after which Netflix is unable to perform because of this type of bug. If such a situation occurs, simply relaunch the application and it should work again.

Solution 2: Switch the device acceleration off/on.

Occasionally, having device acceleration may lead to trouble with the footage you wish to broadcast, mouse stuttering and more, and the way to resolve it is to switch the device acceleration off or on. To accomplish it, go to Google chrome and tap on the three spots in the top corner, move to additional features and tap on the box to utilize device speedup, and relaunch it.

Solution 3: Use a new web server

If you’re having Windows version 10, you may launch either Edge, Internet Explorer, or the newest version of Mozilla Firefox. If you’re running OSes ranging from Windows version XP to 8.1 versions, you are unable to get Edge, but you can get Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In addition, you may obtain another web browsers that you are able to set up, in particular Opera

Solution 4: Modify the Sound Sampling Rate

It is necessary for you to modify the sampling rate on the reproducing devices. For this purpose, press the dynamic in the bottom right corner of the toolbar and pick the Playback Devices function. Choose the playback device and press the Properties button. Access the Advanced tab and modify the sampling rate of the sound, decrease or increase the speed, the solution will be different for each user, so it is better to test what suits you best. Apply this function and enjoy watching.

Solution 5: Install another operating system

If the previous techniques didn’t help with the bug, try resetting the OS software. You are suggested to proceed with a clean setup of the OS, drivers and the most recent version of the product you are running, including web browsers. You should not update your OS or apps, as the M7361-1253 error may not go away.

Once you have resolved the Netflix error code, also make sure that Google Play and the app are working properly. If not, refresh both your Google Play and Netflix app.