HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Download and Manual Setup

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HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Download and Manual Setup – Simplicity becomes one of the factors when buying a new printer in the market, especially the ones manufactured by HP. What I mean by simplicity here is both regarding ease of setup and usability. As for the reference, you can use HP Deskjet 3632, which is considered the one with the most comfortable structure. Thanks to its compatibility with numerous devices including PC, laptop, and smartphones. Not to mention it supports direct printing by taking advantage of an email. Overall, it is worth the money and many users showed their satisfaction in using the device. No wonder, the printer gets tons of 5-star reviews on the internet.

HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Download and Manual Setup
HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Download and Manual Setup

Regarding appearance, the device comes with a slim design, which is both pretty and dynamic. The dominant color is white, and it has light blue on the side of the surface (control panel). Not only it is handsome, but the printer offers satisfying printing output as well. It even works well in scanning and copying. With only about $35-$46, you can get those benefits including the USB cable. The next aspect is related to the performance of the printer, which is excellent and reasonable. That means you can expect a modest quality of printing from this affordable printer. The speed reaches up to 8-9 ppm, and it is sufficient to accommodate daily printing needs in your home. In some cases, people also use the printer in their small office. It is ok as long as they use it only for light duty or casual printing.

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Considering the modest performance, HP Deskjet 3632 is a perfect device for your home, mainly to accommodate letter printing. Also, it can help students’ need when working on some papers and homework. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t come with smooth outlines. Have no worries. You won’t use the device for advanced works, after all. To make sure the printer works correctly, you need to install the right driver to your computer. Apart from using the CD driver, you can opt for a downloaded setup file. This is why our site provides various links from where you can get the setup file. As long as you pick the right driver and download it from a reliable website like use, the printer would work just fine.

Compatibility & System Requirements

Windows XP 32bit / Windows XP 64bit / Windows Vista 32bit / Windows Vista 64bit / Windows 7 32bit / Windows 7 64bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 8 64bit / Windows 8.1 /Linux / Mac OS

STEP 1: HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Installations Setup

  • The first tip is using the setup file manually rather than using the CD driver directly. You can easily copy the contents of the CD to your computer first. That is because you will never know if the CD is dirty and the installation process will stop halfway. Therefore, you might want to copy the contents first before you start the installation process.
  • The second tip is running the setup file as the administrator. This one is also quite important because some computers do not allow you to install some software or programs unless you are the administrator. Therefore, try to fix the driver as the administrator to minimize the problems.
  • The third tip is making sure that you choose the proper path and the components that you want to install when the installation wizard appears. This one is quite important because you will be given the options to fix the HP Deskjet 3632 Driver as well as some other additional components. If you think the parts are needed, you need to install them. Otherwise, uncheck those extra components.
  • The last tip is restarting your computer once all of those installation processes are completed. Even though you want to try using the printer as soon as possible, it is advisable for you to restart the computer first. It is because you need to make sure that the driver of the printer has been properly installed before you use the printer.

STEP 2: HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Installations Setup

  • If you do not know how to install the latest version of the driver, then you can follow these simple steps below.
    The first thing that you need to do is downloading the setup file that you will use to install the driver of this printer in your computer. For this one, you can quickly check on the version before you download the setup file. Or else, if you want to be surer, you can download the setup file that you need from the official website of HP.
  • That is because you can find some setup file versions that you need and you need to download the latest version. Before you go to the next step, you have to uninstall the driver of this printer if you have one in your computer.
  • After you have downloaded the setup file that you need, you need to run the setup file for the latest version of HP Deskjet 3632 Driver that you have downloaded. From there, you will be able to follow all of the instructions from the automatic installation wizard.
  • Make sure you follow all of the commands that you can find on the installation wizard. After that, you need to wait for the installation process to takes time.
    After sometimes of the installation process, your latest driver version will be installed on your computer, and you are ready to use the printer.

How to Install HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Manual Settings

  1. Turn on your computer system where you intend to set up the HP Deskjet 3632 Driver.
  2. Just attach the USB cable between computer and printer.
  3. Prepared application zip data to document place.
  4. Click the Beginning button and also “Printer.” You’ll get options like “Add Printer.” Click it.
  5. The next instruction will ask to mention where the Driver is located. Do it according to progress.
  6. Just answer the wizard options to set up the HP Deskjet 3632.

How to Setup HP Deskjet 3632 Driver For Windows

  1. The first step, disconnect the printer cable, you can download the drivers on this site for your product.
  2. After the download is complete, the software for your product will explain how to set it up.
  3. Open the downloaded file, locate the checkbox. I Receive the terms of the license agreement and subsequent clicks.
  4. Click install, and wait for the installation process to complete.
  5. Connect your printer to work properly

How to Setup HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Use CD / DVD

  1. Turn on your computer where you want to set the HP Deskjet 3632 Driver
  2. Until unless you recommend connecting the USB cable to the computer system, please do not attach it.
  3. Download the settings document from the above link if you indeed have not downloaded it yet. Run the settings text as a manager. This triggers to start the installation wizard. Then follow the instructions to complete.
  4. At the time of implementation of this wizard, you must connect the USB cable between the HP Deskjet 3632 Driver printer and your computer system.
  5. So wait and plug it in when asking you to attach. It will positively identify the HP Deskjet 3632 Driver printer and proceed to the next step if everything works well.
  6. Enter a value for each step in the wizard and complete the installation.
  7. Your printer is now ready for use as a software application from the installed HP Deskjet 3632 Driver software program.

How to Setup HP Deskjet 3632 Driver For Mac

  1. First, Download the drivers on this site, and run the file.
  2. Click Continue, you have approved the Software License Agreement by clicking Continue, then Agree
  3. Click Install, wait for the process to install.
  4. Install your driver is complete, then click close.
  5. Connect your printer to work correctly.

HP Deskjet 3632 Driver Downloads

File Name Size Download
HP DeskJet 3630 series Full Feature Software and Drivers
HP DeskJet 3630 All-in-One Printer series Basic Driver
HP DeskJet 3630 All-in-One Printer series Firmware Update
HP Easy Start for Windows Printer Utility Software
HP ePrint Software for Network and Wireless Connected Printers
HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows

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